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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Hartford, CT

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Hartford, CT

When you're recovering from an automobile accident, the last thing you need to do is stress about paying your bills. That's where our experienced personal injury attorneys in Hartford, CT, come in. The criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Sierra will investigate your case, safeguard evidence, and hire any experts necessary to prove your claims. From there, we work hard to negotiate fair settlements with insurance companies and, if that doesn't work, take your case to trial. If you're looking for a skilled personal injury trial law firm, you're at the right place. Contact us today.

Cases We Handle

Our car accident attorney represents clients dealing with a variety of auto accidents, including:

• Rear Ends
• T-Bones
• Parking Lot Accidents
• Failure to Stop at Stop Signs
• Drunk Driving
• Head-On Collisions
• Hit & Run Crashes
• Truck Accidents
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Pedestrian Accidents
Personal Injury Trial Firm in Hartford, CT